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Formed by a diverse team of professionals with an extensive background in the audiovisual sector and in the electronic scene of Spain uniting their experience and talent creating an evolution of ANIMO towards a new concept.

Mission, Vision, Values /

ANIMO combines from its headquarters in Madrid a hub dedicated to research everything related to arts in the field of electronic music.

Currently it ranges from an event promoter devoted to generate a unique experience for their public thanks to its impressive audiovisual set up. A very productive record label focused on constantly boiling new ideas and creation which has enshrined and emerging talented artists of the music scene. Furthermore it has audiovisual innovation lab that designs exclusive products for professionals and music lovers.

History /

ANIMO has evolved in only 10 years from being a possible appointment in the events calendar in the international electronic scene, to a great platform constantly moving forward towards that globally unites multiple areas and concepts within the electronic music market.

Our spirit, trajectory and passion for what we do ensure our capacity to grow and develop in the future.

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+34 91 449 64 82

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